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basiclearner Thu Feb 23 2023 at 1:35 am
Change the screenshots on the page of Craft Basic? Do you plan to use some more beautiful screenshots to replace the old screenshots?

'So I came up with'

Wow! Good idea. I am very surprised. It is a nice beginning. Perhaps the URLs also need changes in the SyntaxBomb forum.

'I just spent the last day working on it along with another Craft Basic release. Getting tired. XD'

You are full of passion in software development.

I saw a new phpBB forum there. phpBB is very popular and should be reliable. By the way, the deep blue & light blue theme is too common anyway. Maybe using another theme is a nice idea? As I know, there are a lot of good themes for phpBB forum. An example:

(Just an example, not a suggestion.)

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