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basiclearner Sat Jan 14 2023 at 1:13 am
no one knows
'I keep finding ways to grow them.'

However, it is hard for the public to discover "". You have so many softwares but no one knows. Am I right?

An idea: create an account on to let the public to know "".

You only mention your softwares and the above URL on your webpage on Itch but you actually don't need to upload or put your softwares on Itch. As a result, many people will be able to discover your Itch webpage regularly. Since the above URL will be disclosed on your Itch webpage, they will finally visit the above URL in order to download all your softwares. There is an example. AppGameKit's company has an Itch webpage but AppGameKit cannot be bought or downloaded there:

The company only uses Itch webpage to promote the company, softwares and organise jams.

This should be a good method.

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